Not the start I had imagined

27 Feb

The big travel adventure started off without a hitch, in fact quite the opposite. On the long 11 hour plus flight I sat next to a lovely lady and her family, who had undertaken a travel of Latin America a few years back. She happily shared must-see places and advice about Mexico and after swapping emails I look forward to hearing more as our travel progresses.

Upon landing we found our hotel easily enough using the Metro system, and checked in shattered but happy. The plan had been to explore Mexico City the following day, take a day trip to Teotihuacan on Friday and then move on to Oaxaca on Saturday.

Well it’s now Sunday night and we are still in Mexico City, I would love to say that the reason for this is because we loved the city so much we decided to stay.

But that would not be entirely true. Don’t get me wrong the city definitely has its charm and despite the negative press, we have found people to be overly helpful towards us and have not at any point felt even a hint of danger.

So why are we still here? Well, on Thursday morning I woke up with a high temperature and generally feeling like I had the flu and unable to go anywhere. A special thank you goes out to my partner for his timing, as he had flu last week.

On Friday, determined to not stay at the hotel, we headed out to Teotihuacan for the day. It was a lovely day, not too sunny and hot and fairly quiet at the site too. I dutifully applied sunscreen to my face, shoulders and arms as I was wearing a vest, put a hat on and thought nothing more of it.

Returning back to the hotel in the afternoon I looked in the mirror to be greeted by what can only be described as fried bacon rashers of where my collar bones should have been. I’d forgotten to apply the sun cream to my front!

Needless to say the night was spent desperately trying to cool my skin and re-hydrate my body. Saturday was yet again spent in the hotel. Not the best of starts I admit.

It’s now Sunday and I am happy to report that today we finally explored the city and enjoyed the lively atmosphere that really makes this city feel alive.

Tomorrow we embark on the next part of our journey, 6 hours coach ride to Oaxaca. I hear great things about this place and look forward to making the most of our time there!

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