Monte Alban

23 Mar

Monte Alban, a UNESCO world heritage site, is easily accessible from Oaxaca. If you have this on your itinerary then ensure you do not opt for the tours offered in town as they will cost you up to 4 times the bus fare.

We were lucky enough to befriend some travellers in the morning who had been advised that there is a local bus service running directly to the ruins, so naturally we tagged along!

The site itself is located about 20 mins away and you should allow a couple of hours to fully see it. A word of advice though, try to go early as there is very little shade at the site and it gets very hot.

Monte Alban main plaza:

Monte Alban

Monte Alban was one of our favourite sites mainly due to its location. It is set high up on a mountain top and you are rewarded with beautiful views of the region from its vantage point.

Views of Monte Alban

Views of Monte Alban

The ruins themselves are also mostly accessible allowing you to really explore and climb the site to your heart’s content. It is also relatively quiet in terms of visitors, creating a very relaxed feel about the place.

Monte Alban:

Monte Alban

One of the aspects we particularly liked was the abundance of hieroglyphs still clearly visible on the outside of the temples as well as stone slabs dotted around the ruins. This, for us, helped to give the site more character and a deeper insight into its previous occupants.


Monte Alban Hieroglyphs

The museum on site is a little gem in itself, showcasing not only almost intact pottery found at the site but also an array of skulls and bones from sacrifices carried out in the past.

From the museum:

Monte Alban Museum

This is definitely a recommended site and a good morning out!

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