Learning to Travel

05 Apr

How do you go from living a 9-5, Monday – Friday life to travelling, and more importantly to actually embracing the experience?

As we spend our first “chill out” week in Caye Caulker, Belize, I am starting to wonder how and when does the brain fully take in the experience of travel?

We are now in our second country and second month of travel and yet I feel I am almost going through the motions of certain things. Don’t get me wrong, it has definitely dawned on me that this is long-term and I am not missing my “old” life one bit, in fact, part of me has already moved on to the possibility of extending our travels, if we can penny pinch along the way.

However, I can’t help feeling that a certain aspect to our travels is missing, something I can’t quite put my finger on. Is it the fact that we are renting a place and the daily chores of cooking, etc, is far too familiar to me? Or is it something else?

Before we embarked I had had thoughts of travelling and one day having an epiphany moment of “oh my god, I am travelling the world” and that with it, something more would follow. Yet I have not had this moment, instead I have felt a certain detachment in some respects, almost as if the concept of what I am doing does not actually astound me. This leaves me thinking is it because I have already travelled so much in the past?

I have been privileged in the fact that I had already notched up a fair few countries under my belt prior to this adventure, so are my expectations higher because of it? Is it simply a case of “yeah, I’ve already seen something like it,” or is it maybe because everywhere I turn, every site I visit is filled with coach loads of tours each one taking away a little bit of the mysticism and magic from it, leaving me feeling like I am just another $ to be made?

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