22 Apr

Placencia is at the southern most tip of a small peninsula in the south of Belize, it is so small that it consists of 2 roads, a main one and a sidewalk that form a loop around several accommodations and places to eat.

Sidewalk Directions - Placencia

When in Placencia you feel like you are on an island as you are surrounded on three sides by water, giving you a sense of still being totally isolated from mainland Belize.

We arrived in Placencia following a 3 day, 2 night sailing trip from Caye Caulker, with the initial plan of staying a night before heading out to Gales Point to see manatees

Upon arrival we headed down the sidewalk to find a hostel for the night and stumbled on Deb and Dave’s Last Resort, a secluded little hideout, with lovely rooms and a veranda to hang out in.

Deb and Dave's Last Resort

Despite our plan to move out the next day we found ourselves staying a further day, mainly due to all the swimming we had done the previous 3 days, and during that time we barely saw more than a handful of people around the village.

Sidewalk Placencia

Even in the evening when we went out to a lovely restaurant on the beachfront called Cozy Corner we barely saw more than 10 other people out and about.

We are not sure if this was a post Easter instance or if Placencia is generally that quiet, but it was nice to have a day to ourselves and with its long stretches of beaches it seemed like a nice destination for some relaxation before moving on again.

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