Belize to Guatemala

01 May

We decided to stay 2 nights in San Ignacio, Belize before crossing the border, partly to gain information on the crossing and partly because we were sorry to leave Belize.

We learned there are 2 ways to cross. The first is to take a bus from the station to Benque Viejo del Carmen, the last town in Belize, then take a taxi to the border and walk across, once on the other side take another taxi to town and then a shuttle onwards.

Option two and slightly easier was to take a taxi from San Ignacio all the way to the border, which was 20$BZ. Once at the border the actual crossing is very easy. You enter the first building, hand over your passport and pay 37.50$US exit fee, your passport is then stamped out.

You then cross the road to the next building and head in on the right hand side, here you hand over your passport again, pay 20 quetzals entry fee and are simply stamped in. Job done.

The only thing to remember is to start speaking Spanish again!

Once formally in the country you will be bombarded with taxi drivers wanting to take you anywhere. However, we opted to walk into the town and then pick up the shuttle to Flores, the walk is only 15 minutes away and easy. Don’t worry about not finding the shuttles as you really can’t miss them.

If like us you are going to be heading to Flores then you will need around 90 quetzales, you can change money at the border if you don’t have local currency. But to save yourself a few quetzales jump off in Santa Elena instead from here you can take a Tuk-Tuk for only 5 quetzales across to the island, plus you then get a more interesting journey!

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