The buses of Guatemala

10 May

If we had buses like this in the UK I think I would take the bus at least once a week!

Guatemala: The colourful buses in Antigua

I had heard about the colourful chicken buses that roam certain parts of Guatemala but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of a bus station full of them.

Guatemala: Buses parked at station

The best thing about these buses is their frequency, the price and the complete inability to miss one.

Not only are they frequent, some every 10 – 15 mins, but the conductor spends all his time shouting the destination of the place, making it almost impossible to miss. And should you by chance miss one you know the next one will be along soon.

Guatemala: Buses parked at station

One thing we were surprised to find was the friendliness of people on the bus, everyone tries to make room for the next load of people, sometimes to the point where you have 4 people on a seat made for 2 – something that would never happen in the UK.

Guatemala: The colourful buses in Antigua

On all of our journeys so far on these buses we have easily found where to go, when to get off, and even been offered seats on crowded buses, plus with the music playing and the latin american driving it really does make for an interesting experience, so much so that we always arrive with a smile!

Guatemala: Bus at night

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One response to “The buses of Guatemala

  1. Jessica

    May 10, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    Those are so cool! It definitely sounds like a fun experience to ride one.


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