27 May

Leon, the lively and colourful former capital of Nicaragua and now a hub for tourists, is where we started our adventures of this welcoming and diverse country.

Leon: parue central and the cathedral

And with no less than 10 volcanos and beautiful clear lakes in the near proximity, the city and surrounding areas of the district of Leon have an impressive landscape just waiting to be explored.

We arrived in the city of Leon following a 10 hour bus journey from El Salvador and the very first thing we noticed about the city was the heat. We had been warned that Leon is the hottest part of the country but stepping off the bus felt like walking straight into an oven.

There was no breeze and the sun felt like it was literally burning you on contact, unfortunately even when the rain came later in the evenings the heat was not subdued.

Leon: El Calvario church

From our drop off point outside the city we took a taxi for $2 to the centre to search for a hostel, a plus point of travelling during low season is you rarely need to pre-book a room as there is always availability and we have discovered it is better to see places than rely on books and online sites.

We found a nice quiet hostel in the centre called Guardabarranco which had just recently opened. However, with just the 1 fan in the room it was still hot and difficult to sleep at night.

Leon: parque central (central park)

In the end we only spent a couple of days exploring Leon, which is plenty of time to see the city. We did debate taking a couple of tours whilst there but the toll of the daily heat made us feel too tired to do anything but venture out for a couple of hours at a time.

So eventually we decided to move on to Las Penitas, on the Pacific coast, for a couple of days of fresh air and to plan where to go to next.

We would have liked to do some of the activities offered in Leon but they were only running mid morning to lunchtime due to the rain in the afternoon, and this was unfortunately the hottest part of day.

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