05 Jun

Even before arriving in Nicaragua we had heard that Granada was “the” city to visit and despite it being a number 1 destination for tourists we felt obliged to go see for ourselves.

Historically there had been a debate about where to move the capital of Nicaragua and the 2 contending cities had been Leon and Granada, however in the end as a compromise Managua, which resides between the two, was chosen.

After spending some time in Granada I can’t help feeling that maybe it was a blessing that it was not selected as the capital, as I am sure that the beauty of the city would have been at best diminished if it had.

Granada: the cathedral

To us Granada felt like a breath of fresh air with its colourful buildings, large plazas and lakeside positioning. There are numerous places to stay to suit all budgets and a great variety of food, from authentic pizzas to Irish pub food as well as local cuisine.

Granada: view of La Calzada

The city offers visitors a number of places to see but best of all it is a great place to kick off a number of tours from; Mombacho volcano crater tours, Masaya volcano expeditions, visits to the nearby Lake Apoyo and even cocoa plantation days out.

Granada: La Merced church

For a pretty view of the city make your way to the Merced church near the centre, where you can climb the bell tower and see across Granada to both the nearby volcano and the lake.

Granada: view from La Merced tower with Mombacho volcano

Its location also makes it a good choice for people wanting to move onto Ometepe island or the coast as both are easily accessible.

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