Things I hate about travelling

24 Jun

4 months in and I have come to realise that despite my gentle good nature I have come to actually hate certain things that seem to be inevitably linked with travelling.

Don’t get me wrong I am not an evil person. I am the sort who will fish out bug from the pool if it accidentally falls in, but I am sure that the world would actually be a better place if these things did not exist:

  • Mosquitos – I cannot for the life of me think of 1 good reason why these annoying, blood sucking insects should not be instantly exterminated. Their sole purpose in life seems to be to find me like heat seeking missiles and bleed me dry!
  • Fleas – These come second only because I have been lucky enough to not have had too many around me, but by god what use do they have?! They are almost impossible to kill, virtually impossible to see and are just intent on biting you as often as they can.
  • Cockroaches – Find me one person who likes these horrible bugs. I unluckily seem to have developed a knack for finding them, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and even the bedroom. I know they don’t actually hurt you but they scuttle around and quite frankly look horrible.
  • Ticks – Since seeing them on every dog and cat out here I have learned to be a bit more careful, especially after seeing one crawl over my hand. But again I have to ask, apart from sucking blood out of poor animals and passing on diseases what is their contribution to the good of the world?
  • Ants – Ok maybe I don’t actually hate ants but I am not a fan when I see trails and trails of them all over walls and floors, or worse still when they discover my food bag and I find ants in my cereal the next morning!

My only hope lies with the ever helpful lizards and geckos that always seem present at every accommodation we stay at. If I could actually pack some with me I would!

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One response to “Things I hate about travelling

  1. artstylelove

    June 24, 2012 at 11:49 PM

    Ah yes…bugs. My biggest fear is mosquitoes carrying malaria or dengue. That, and head lice!!!!!!!!!


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