Crocodiles at Tarcoles River

27 Jun

We had a tip-off that we would be able to see crocodiles at the Tarcoles bridge, so on our way to Playa Hermosa and Quepos we kept an eye out for it.

As we neared Tarcoles we crossed a very large bridge and saw people looking over the railings and thought this must be it. We drove across and turned back around as parking is only available right before the bridge when coming from Tarcoles.

Once parked we noticed the brown sign with crocodiles and felt assured that this must be the right spot. We walked about half way back over the bridge and peered over on the right hand side and spotted a crocodile in the grass.

We thought we were really lucky to see it until a group of tourists on the other side motioned us over saying we really had to see that side, so we crossed and leaned over….

Tarcoles river: crocodiles

We could not believe how many were just lying there asleep in the mud! More so we couldn’t believe that there was cattle around them! The poor cows did not seem too happy about sharing their space with these creatures and seemed to know exactly where they were and give them a wide berth.

Tarcoles river crocodiles: sleeping couple

It was definitely a worthwhile stop just to be able to see so many of these large creatures relaxing in the afternoon sun, despite the traffic just above their heads.

Tarcoles river: crocodile relaxing

On our way back we stopped to ask the police patrolling the bridge why the cows were in the same field and were told that they do not eat them, as their main diet is fish and small animals. Even so I have to say I would not like to attempt a swim here especially with this guy below!

Tarcoles river: crocodile waiting for dinner

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