Cahuita Sloth Sanctuary

12 Jul

On our way back to San Jose, for our flight to Caracas, we decided to drop by the nearby sloth sanctuary just outside Cahuita. We learned that the centre had organically grown from a nature reserve to a sloth sanctuary as more and more people brought orphaned and injured sloths to be cared for.

During the tour of the centre with our guide we met some of the permanent adult residents, who had either been too injured or had been cared for since young, and were now unable to survive on their own in the wild.

Cahuita sloth sanctuary: Our guide with a resident two toe sloth

We learned that there are 2 types of sloths residing in Costa Rica, the 2 toe and the 3 toe sloth. They are different in size and as the name suggests they are distinguished by the number of toes they have. However, the easiest way to tell them apart is via their colourings:

2 toe sloth:

Cahuita sloth sanctuary: Resident two toe sloth

3 toe sloth:

Cahuita sloth sanctuary: Resident three toe sloth

We were then shown to the sloth nursery and met some of the current little sloths being cared for. They are so adorable that you could see how hard it was for people to not reach out and just hug one!

Cahuita sloth sanctuary: Sloth nursery

The last part of the tour, and in keeping with the sloth way of life, was a gentle canoe ride around the lagoon, where we got to spot wildlife and generally just soak up the tranquil surroundings.

Cahuita sloth sanctuary: Lagoon ride

The sanctuary is solely funded by tours and donations, so if you are in the Cahuita area make sure you drop by, as you will never get this close to a sloth in the wild.

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