Hitting the travelling wall

25 Jul

5 months into our travels and I feel like I have hit a wall, similar to that of when you have been training for a few months and all of sudden you feel like you can’t go any further.

You know you have to push through and that once you do you will get your second wind to continue, but just before you can, you have that final hurdle to overcome.

I have been feeling a little lethargic of late, mainly since starting our travels in South America, where everything is so much bigger and further. Central America had been considerably easier in terms of crossing countries and getting to places to see, so much so that we saw a fair bit of the area.

Yet since we crossed to South America and onto a new adventure towards the Andes, with infinitely more places to see and immensely larger distances to cover, it has left me feeling a little deflated.

Technically we have now crossed the equivalent of our journey in Central America in just a few weeks in Venezuela and Colombia, but we have not even seen a fraction of as much as we would have liked to, mainly due our time scales which do not allow for us to travel at the same rate we had in Central America.

But for me the biggest hurdle to overcome is knowing that the more amazing places I discover around us to visit the more I am reminded of the time, distance and, let’s not forget, the cost needed to be able to accomplish these mini adventures.

In an ideal world things would not have to be decided on by availability of time and money, we could see all the places in the world that we wanted to, but unfortunately for us this is not that case.

And it is this feeling of missing out on so much that leaves me feeling deflated and almost thinking “well what’s the point?” Yet I know in my heart that seeing even a fraction of this beautiful continent is better than never having seen it at all, I just have to overcome the feeling of insignificance that this immense continent imposes on me.

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