Mitad del Mundo – Equator line

21 Aug

If you go to Quito, you have to go to the equator line, however you have to go to the real one! After our morning on the cable cars in Quito, we took another taxi to Mitad del Mundo, however, once the driver had reached the roundabout with the original monument he asked us if we wanted to go to the museum instead as it was more interesting.

Mitad del Mundo - Inti-Nan Museum sign

As it was located around the corner we said ok. Inti-Nan was a small outdoor museum crammed with things at every corner, at first we weren’t sure what to make of it but we thought let’s take a look. The entry was $4 each but this included a bilingual guide. The next hour was spent learning about the tribes in the Jungle, including the ones who shrink heads, the various burial methods of ancient Ecuadorians and then came the fun part.

Mitad del Mundo - Inti-Nan Museum

Our guide explained that certain things happen only when you are on the real equator line and that the Mitad del Mundo monument is not located in the right place, but that the museum was. She then went on to prove this to us through a couple of small experiments carried out on or next to the line, including; balancing an egg on a nail head, trying to walk a straight line with your eyes shut, showing the effect the line has on water and how it changes when you move only a metre or so away and a couple of other things. I’ll leave the good one out in case you go so as to not spoil the surprise for you, but be sure to video it!

Mitad del Mundo - Inti-Nan Museum: on the Equator line

Our next stop was the crater of Pululahua, located a further 10 minutes drive away. I had heard that the views of the crater were amazing and as we were already in the area we decided to head over. The entrance to the viewpoint is free and if you like you can walk all the way to the bottom of the crater.

We found ourselves blown away by the views from the top. It is a truly beautiful sight to see this amazing crater located in a cradle of lush green mountains with the clouds skimming above them.

Crater Pululahua panorama

On our way back down, just a few minutes from the crater viewpoint, we spotted a small museum called the Temple of the Sun. We were intrigued as to what it might be and so popped in.

Museo Temple del Sol (near crater Pululahua)

The Temple of the Sun was $3 each to enter but this also included a guide. The museum consists of various levels built in a circular formation. We learned that this was built on an original Inca site that was placed on the equator line and the ground floor is dedicated to showing you the ancient tribes that governed the area and their rituals.

Inside Museo Temple del Sol (near crater Pululahua)

The first floor is a relaxation area where the guide gauges your energy levels with a serious of simple tests and healing stones. You are then treated to a mini meditation session with various essential oils that are locally made. The rest of the floors consist of paintings and sculptures made by a local artist.

Personally I found the first 2 levels interesting but the rest was a bit of a sales pitch, having said it was an interesting place to pop in and the owner was kind enough to give us a lift back down to the Mitad del Mundo monument after our tour so we could catch our bus back.


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3 responses to “Mitad del Mundo – Equator line

  1. Mary

    August 21, 2012 at 2:49 AM

    I visited both Mitad del Mundo and the actual equator, as well as Pululahua, but missed the Temple of the Sun. Thanks for the post. Now I know what we missed!

    • shari

      August 25, 2012 at 1:41 AM

      Apparantly it is quite new, the owner explained that it is only its second year so maybe it wasn’t there when you visited?

      • Mary

        August 25, 2012 at 6:10 AM

        That’s probably it. I was there in 2008, I believe.


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