Galapagos Island Hopping – South Plaza

17 Sep

As we had enjoyed our tour of North Seymour so much we decided to do another island day-trip tour. After deciding on what animals we wanted to see next we opted for a tour of South Plazas, again located just off the coast of Santa Cruz.

We found ourselves having to really negotiate to get the price down as we couldn’t afford to spend another $130 per person. As such, and because we opted for our hotel agency, we managed to get the tour down to $120 each plus a discount on the room, meaning we paid $115 each.

As with North Seymour the tour started with a pick-up at 8am and a bus ride back up to the north of Santa Cruz. Once on the boat we immediately headed out to our snorkelling spot, Punta Carrion, located on the north-east of Santa Cruz. This time round the snorkelling was much better than our other experiences.

During our time in the water we saw hundreds of fish of all different sizes, sharks, seals and even a marine turtle! We had a really good guide with us in the water too and we felt for the first time that we weren’t too rushed. The only downside was the very cold water, if you stopped moving you would get very cold, very quickly.

South Plaza, Galapagos - playful sea lion in water

After the snorkelling we continued onwards to South Plazas. This actually consists of 2 islands, North and South Plazas, but only the south one is open to tourism. We had lunch on the boat and then headed off for another island tour.

What really struck us this time was the landscape, nowhere else in the world had we seen such strange landscapes and so full of colour!

South Plaza, Galapagos - view of the landscape

South Plaza, Galapagos - view of the landscape and the channel

The animals here are not scared of humans and its amazing just how close you can get. You always have to look where you are going in case you are about to step on a bird or iguana! Among the animals we had close encounters with were; numerous sea lions, including a very territorial male who would not let us pass on the jetty and a very curious young sea lion, land iguanas, night gulls, frigates and many other types of birds living in the cliffs of South Plazas.

South Plaza, Galapagos - male sea lion blocking the jetty

South Plaza, Galapagos - camera shy sea lion

South Plaza, Galapagos - inquisitive sea lion close up

South Plaza, Galapagos - lonely bird

South Plaza, Galapagos - view of the birds flying from cliffs

South Plaza, Galapagos - land iguana

Our boat trip then continued down to the south of Santa Cruz and we arrived at Puerto Ayora dock for around 4.30pm. As a note, if you go on this tour ensure you take a very high factor sunscreen as the tour is at peak sun time and there is no shade on the island.

This was by far the best tour we did, and very much worth the money. If you can only afford one day-trip we would definitely suggest this one. Plus, as it’s close to Santa Cruz you don’t spend hours on end going backwards and forwards.

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