Sacred Valley – Pisaq Market

15 Oct

We arrived into Cusco early in the morning on Sunday, following our overnight bus from Arequipa. We checked ourselves in and as it was still only 9am we decided to head straight out to the Pisaq Sunday market. We took a collectivo for 5 soles each and arrived in Pisaq around 40 minutes later.

I had visited Pisaq market 4 years earlier and had memories of colourful and interesting stalls lining the cobbled streets of the small town. So we made our way into the market and re-walked the streets I had previously done. I soon started to notice a difference in the stalls.

Pisac market - main street

Whereas in the past they had been filled with interesting metal works, antiques and tourism items, something like Portobello meets a tourist market. They now seemed solely focused on selling the same tourist items from stall to stall.

Pisac market - colorful stalls

Although still as colourful as I remembered, it now felt like it had lost some soul. Like the stall owners had sold out and opted for commercial tourist items instead of originality.

Pisac market - more colorful stalls

After walking around for an hour or so we decided to head back feeling slightly disappointed.

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