Transiting La Paz

05 Nov

After our unsuccessful trip to Coroico we decided to return to La Paz to get a flight to Rurrenabaque, one of the entry points to the Amazon jungle of Bolivia. We had originally wanted to go by bus from Coroico, but with limited funds due to lack of ATMs and the fact it would be a 14 hour journey with my partner still not feeling great, we opted to take a short flight instead.

As such we stayed the night in the San Fransisco Plaza area, near the witch craft market in Hotel Fuentes. The area worked out really well as there were many agencies on our doorstep and also a couple of vegetarian restaurants.

La Paz - views from Hotel Fuentes

The witch craft market itself is also quite interesting, despite the now obvious mass-marketing of it. Most of the stall holders are more than happy to explain what the different statues and “offerings” are used for, and some items make for an interesting souvenir.

La Paz - witch craft market

A couple of blocks away there was also the coca museum, which made for an interesting hour or so. It is very small and no photos are allowed, but it is packed with information. They also have an upstairs cafe that sells everything coca, from cakes to liquors!

When we looked into our flights we discovered that there is only one airline that flies La Paz to Rurrenabaque, and that’s Amaszonas. They have several flights daily but are not the most reliable and flights can get cancelled at the last-minute. However, if that happens they just move you to the next one.

We had originally planned to book our Amazon jungle trip once we got to Rurrenabaque, but again most of the agency offices were on our doorstep and we also found out that credit card payments are not taken in the Rurrenabaque offices. As such, we decided to pre-book an open entry date with Madidi Travel as they seemed to offer the most flexible itinerary.

With everything ready and booked and having replenished our cash levels from the ATMs in La Paz, we headed out the next day to the airport to catch our afternoon flight to the jungle. The views of the city from the main road to the airport are truly amazing. Quito, in Ecuador is impressive in terms of size but La Paz is a whole other thing!

La Paz - panorama of the highest capital in the world

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