Purmamarca Quebrada

20 Nov

From the bus terminal in Jujuy we took one of the many and frequent buses to Purmamarca. The tickets were 20 pesos each one way and the journey took about an hour and a half. We had been told that Purmamarca had a range of colourful mountains that you could walk around, and ever since seeing the colourful mountains fo the Jujuy region in photos years earlier I had wanted to see them in person.

The path through the mountain range starts from one side of town and comes back round into the other. The whole circuit is no more than a few kilometers, however, you can easily spend hours walking through as you will stop every couple of meters for a photo.

Quebrada de Purmamarca - colourful mountain range at the start of the trail

Quebrada de Purmamarca - 7 colours of the mountain range

You cannot climb the mountains, we were not sure why, but there were signs everywhere saying “avoid fines, don’t climb the mountains”, so we didn’t try to see why!

Quebrada de Purmamarca - following the trail through amazing rock formations

The whole range is amazingly colourful, with rich reds and oranges to deep blues and purples. It feels like something out of this world and everywhere you look there are interesting rock formations and colours. The actual quebrada is called the mountain of 7 colours, but we both think there are way more than just 7 colours!

Quebrada de Purmamarca - beautiful colours of the Mountain of Seven Colours

Quebrada de Purmamarca - panorama

We spent the whole morning walking around and greatly enjoyed the day. There was an option to see a nearby salt plain but the collectivo services wanted 70 pesos per person each way and we thought that was far too expensive to warrant a visit.

As a note it is best to visit Purmamarca in the morning as there is no shade on the path through the mountains, and despite the cooling winds the sun is still scorching hot.

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