Warning for vegetarians in Argentina

06 Dec

This is something I would not have come across if I didn’t need to check the ingredients of everything I buy for milk products. Being lactose intolerant by nature and choosing not to have milk in my diet, has led me to always revise everything I buy, and so due to this I stumbled across something I had never seen anywhere else in Latin America.

Whenever I buy biscuits or snacks I almost always find butter or margarine listed as an ingredient. However, in Argentina I was shocked to find that instead or as well as these products they also use bovine fats. Worse still is the fact that they don’t mark the products as unsuitable for vegetarians.

I asked a local in Mendoza why this was and they explained that as they have such a large production of beef, pork and lamb that they have a lot of extra fat kicking around. As such, to not waste the produce they use it in products instead of oil ,as vegetable oil is apparently very costly in Argentina.

They also warned me that regular bread will also most probably have butter or “fats” used in it too. Needless to say we became extra vigilant with what we bought and ate!

However, if you’re vegetarian this is something you should be aware of as it is not openly advertised. So next time you buy something, just double check the label.

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