Leaving New Zealand

02 Mar

After 2 months in New Zealand our time finally arrived to leave. We had enjoyed the country so much more than we thought we would and had many happy memories of the places we visited. In fact, on the way to the airport it felt more like leaving home than heading home.

One of the reasons we had decided to travel to New Zealand was to scope out the country for a possible future there. We had heard numerous stories of people emigrating and supposedly having dream lives, so much so that we thought they can’t all be lying!

Although I have to admit the scenery is not as impressive as South America, and the beaches and water are not as hot (or even warm really) as Central America, the country does have its own charm. The expansive lands of the south island remind me of Chile, where you can drive for miles before seeing another car. Whilst the north island, where most of the population is based, still retains its small town feel and people appear to work to live rather than live to work.

On a like for like comparison to the UK, the cost of living and salaries seems to be the same; however what makes the big difference, apart from the warmer climate, is the cost of housing and land. With only 4 million odd people in the country properties and land are not premiums and your pound can go a very long way.

Feeling the pull of the country we delved further into the possibilities of returning. This was made considerably easier knowing my partner was on the migrant skilled worker list, which is a list of all the people they need to fill the gaps within the job industry. Details can be found on the New Zealand immigration website.

We tested the water and he put his CV out there and as luck would have it he got an interview and later a job offer. We were thrilled, and although we knew there were still mountains of paperwork to get through, we also knew that this was not goodbye for us.

So we boarded the plane and left New Zealand, heading for Sydney, Australia. And as we looked out of the window we realised that we were actually leaving home, and that we would soon be returning to start our new life together in the country that had charmed us.

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