17 Dec

Scrolling through my latest emails a couple of months back, I opened one from a travel company who’s aim was to entice me to book an off the beaten track tour. As I scanned through the various places one in particular caught my eye.

Amazing photos of strange looking temples dotted around a jungle surrounding, the sun setting in the distance with a haze shimmering over the backdrop really caught my imagination, and had me thinking Indiana Jones and lost temples! Looking at the article title “Myanmar” I wondered where in the world that was located.

Some may laugh but my geography is only as good as the places I have been to. After all, the only reason I toured Latin America for 9 months was after a TEFL course in Costa Rica – following the same “wonder where that is..?” thinking.

Anyway, I remember turning to my colleague and asking “Ever heard of Myanmar?” To which she replied “Nope but am sure Google has” making me feel slightly better. I quickly learned it was next door to Thailand, had been previously known as Burma and had only really opened up to tourism quite recently.

My curiosity was piqued. I had never really visited Asia, but for some reason decided to do some research on Myanmar and see what it had to offer.

Being the sometimes impulsive person I am, next thing I knew I had managed to book 3 weeks off work and a flight to Yangon for end of December – sorry tour company but thanks for the idea!

Determined to stay true to backpacking and not take the easy tour option, we have decided to wing it, booking only the first 3 nights in Yangon. Sounds fine you may think. However, every blog and guide I have read has warned me to pre book during peak season, which just so happens to be December to January. But am thinking how bad can it be, right?

Well, we leave in less than 2 weeks, have no real itinerary, let alone thought about packing and have only just bought a guide book for ideas…

So here’s to faith and fate!


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