Arriving in Myanmar

02 Jan

We caught a night flight from London to Yangon, via Bangkok, arriving mid afternoon the next day.

Feeling a bit jet lagged and expecting to find long queues for immigration, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Yangon airport is quite small and the process rather swift. Simply go to passport control with your landing card and electronic visa for Myanmar, get a stamp, collect your bags 10 metres beyond, put them through an x-ray machine and you’re done. The whole process took no more than 15 minutes.

There also seem to be no restrictions on the food you can bring in as we had some fresh fruit and nuts which we thought we would lose, but they did not seem bothered by them.

If you want to exchange your dollars you can do so before exiting into arrivals as there are a few exchange services with similar rates. Just ensure your USD notes are crisp and post 2006 or they will be turned down. Also, be prepared to receive a large wad of notes in return!

As soon as you come through into arrivals there is a stand for taxis which operates on set tariffs depending on where you’re heading. They write you a receipt at the kiosk and you then pay the driver. We paid 10,000 kyats to get to downtown Yangon which took around 40 minutes.

We had pre-booked 3 nights in Backpackers bed and breakfast to help us settle in and explore the area. The location of which is really good as just a 5 minutes’ walk from Sule Pagoda, however, the room had no windows and consequently smelled musty as well as being permanently dark.

In the end we spent 2 days in Yangon before moving to Bago.

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