About Us

“You’re totally mad” “You’re quitting your job?!” “But why do you want to travel?” “What about when you get back?”

These are just a couple of the comments we received when we decided to tell friends and family about our plans to go explore the world back in May 2011. To be honest the last one may not even apply to us as we have no definite intent on coming back, if we find a better life.

The idea was born out of a need to change the current life and a desire to move elsewhere in the world. Originally toyed with emigrating to New Zealand, but soon realised it would be difficult to execute whilst still the other side of the world.

Therefore the combination of an exploratory travel of New Zealand with a lifelong dream of travelling South America resulted in our current plan.

Originally planned a 6 month trip, but realised it could potentially stretch to 8 months if careful with expenses and good with savings. Deciding to then sell most  items and cut down our costs further, will have hopefully enabled have a 12 month travel plan.

About Me

Having spent 5 years working within the same company I felt I needed to stretch out. My choice was whether to enhance my work skills further or nurture my life skills. I opted for the latter.

As a person I have never been the type to plan things, and always considered myself more of a “cat landing on its feet” sort of girl, even when things don’t quite seem go as expected. I always have faith they will work out in the end and am happy to go with the flow in life. Let’s see where 2012 takes me.


About Us

So we decided to leave our jobs, sell our cars, sell the house and almost all we own and pack a backpack each to see the world together. We have been together for just over 3 years and plan to still be together when we come back – if we come back….  🙂

Update a Few Years On

The travel was a success and we made it for the whole 12 months as planned. My partner was even able to find work in New Zealand and we were destined to move over from the UK. However, life plans change, he moved to New Zealand following a great job offer and I remained behind by choice…so a few years on I have decided to re-start my blog with a set of new adventures, even if on a shorter time scale as after all once you start travelling you will never really stop again…

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss up coming trips or have suggestions or places to see then drop me a line at and I look forward to hearing from you!


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