We spent 24 days in Guatemala and particularly loved our time in Antigua, the country is very diverse in terms of landscapes and yet full of colour from markets stalls to traditional Mayan clothing.

For where we stayed and our budget view our Guatemala route page.

Below you find a selection of images from the places we visited in Guatemala:

The island of Flores

Flores: view of the lake and the museum in the distance

Flores: one of hotels on the island

Flores: la iglesia and the basketball court with the plaza

Flores: panorama of Tikal painted on one of the buildings

For more images, see Flores post.

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Tikal ruins

Tikal: gran plaza with the view of the Temple II

Tikal: temple II

Tikal: one of the structures in the lost world

For more images, see Tikal post.

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Yaxha ruins

Yaxha: plaza de las sombras

Yaxha: full size stucco

Yaxha: lagoon view from the temple 216

For more images, see Yaxha post.

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Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey: mini waterfalls

Semuc Champey: main waterfall

Coban: river crossing on the way

For more images, see Semuc Champey post.

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Antigua: the old and the new buildings side by side

Antigua: facade of the cathedral, from the plaza central

Antigua: the arch with the Agua volcano in the background

Antigua: iglesia de Jocotenango

Antigua: Agua volcano in the background

Antigua: La Merced from the side

Antigua: footpath in front of the Palacio de los Capitanes

Antigua: chicken bus from the front

Antigua: chicken buses

Antigua: view from the Cerro de la Cruz

For more images, see Antigua post.

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Lake Atitlan

Santiago Atitlan: locals selling on one of the streets

Santiago Atitlan: interesting colonial building

San Pedro: buildings at the dock now under water

Lake Atitlan: San Pedro volcano

Lake Atitlan: volcano Toliman (foreground) and Atitlan (background)

For more images, see Lago de Atitlan post.

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Chichicastenango market: one of the alleys

Chichicastenango market: colourful market stall

For more images, see Chichicastenango post.

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