Funny Images from our Travels

Below is a selection of photos we have taken on our travels from unusual names of places and products to just funny circumstances. Be sure to check back soon as we will be adding more as we find them!

So what brings you here?

Man versus pelican

Stuck in traffic in Ecuador

Traffic in Ecuadorian mountains

In the UK we have fire and theft, but not in Belize….

Not your ususal car insurance

Special cash point message?

Cashpoint message

Interesting name for tuna

An interesting tuna

Would you speed?

Caye Caulker Safety

We were tempted to ask how much to get to Liverpool from Merida, Mexico…

Merida to Liverpool?

Lost in translation?

Toilet notice

A coffee shop with an unusual flavour?


Interesting name for a doctor?


In Mexico City one of the metro stations seemed a bit like those back home.

London Underground

Ketchup alternative…

Catsup sauce?

Exclusive parking for sour customers in Mexico City?

Sour clients?


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