We would have liked to spend more time in Belize, as we felt despite it being such a small country we didn’t get to see as much as we would have liked. Unfortunately, we had a couple of delays with awaiting a parcel and didn’t budget enough for a longer stay and the costs involved with receiving goods.

However, on this page you will find a re-cap of what we saw, where we stayed and how much we spent whilst in Belize.

Places we visited:

Accommodations we stayed in:

Below is a summary of where we stayed in Belize, for how long for and a rating based on 3 key criteria for us; cleanliness of rooms/bathroom, location to amenities and value for money based on the town’s/city’s price range. All of our accommodations were on a room basis and not dorms.

Please note that there are 2 nights missing from here as we travelled on a sailing boat from Caye Caulker to Placencia and camped on two Cayes (Rendezvous and Tobacco) as part of the trip.

The ratings below are 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being fantastic:

Town Place Nights Cleanliness Location Value
Caye Caulker Vega Inn 15 3 4 3
Yuma’s House Belize 3 3 3 4
Placencia Hostel Debb & Dave’s 2 4 4 3
San Ignacio Western Guest House 2 3 4 3

Breakdown of our costs in Belize:

In total we spent 24 days in Belize. The original idea had been to stay for 14 days but as we coincided our visit with Easter we decided we should be able to stretch to 20 days and ensure we had a place for the festivities, as long as we were careful. However, with the delay caused by our package and the added expenses linked to retrieving it we ended up £103 over budget.

So in total we spent £1,603, which worked out at £64 per day for the both of us. Despite cooking for most of the time, groceries are expensive to buy, we still ended up with a high cost on food, more than we thought we would have, although it still worked out cheaper than eating out.

We also decided to forego short excursions but instead take in as much of the Barrier Reef as possible and as such joined a 3 day sailing trip. Admittedly it did set us back a bit but we feel it was worth it due to what you got during your time.

Here is breakdown of what we spent:

Type of Expense Total (GBP) Daily Ave. (GBP)
Accommodation 484 19
Food (inc eating out) 311 12
Transport 76 3
Attractions 566 23
Other (customs, calls etc) 167 7
Total 1,603 64

For images of our trip, visit our dedicated Belize gallery page.


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