We really enjoyed our stay in Guatemala so much so that we extended our time there, and so far it is one of our favourite countries in Central America.

Below you will find a re-cap of our time there from what we saw, where we stayed and how much we spent.

Places we visited:

Accommodations we stayed in:

Here is a summary of where we stayed, how long for and a rating based on 3 key criteria for us; cleanliness of rooms/bathroom, location to amenities and value for money based on the town’s/city’s price range. All of our accommodations were on room basis and not dorms.

Please note that during our stay in Antigua, we paid for both Hostel Banana Azul and Hospedaje Montufer for the 2 nights we went to Lake Atitlan as we didn’t want to take our main backpacks with us, this was a little luxury we afforded ourselves.

The ratings below are 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being fantastic:

Town Place Nights Cleanliness Location Value
Flores Cafe Yaxha 7 3 4 3
Coban Hotel Ecologico 1 3 2 2
Hostel Don Jose 2 4 4 3.5
Antigua Hostel Banana Azul 14 3 4.5 4
Panajachel Hospedaje Montufer
(shared bathroom)
2 4 4 4.5

Breakdown of our costs in Guatemala:

In total we spent 24 days in Guatemala. We had planned to stay for 14 days but loved Antigua so much that we added extra time there. Despite our over stay we still left the country under budget and a key reason for this was using buses instead of tourist shuttles.

In total we spent £995, which worked out at £40 per day for the both of us, including eating out on a bi-weekly basis. We found groceries relatively inexpensive, especially in Antigua with the large market that allowed us to eat really well during our stay there. We were even able to find organic meat and managed to eat our first couple of chickens since starting our travels.

Here is breakdown of what we spent:

Type of Expense Total (GBP) Daily Ave. (GBP)
Accommodation 240 10
Food (inc eating out) 376 15
Transport 118 5
Attractions 98 4
Other (souvenirs,
postage, etc)
162 6
Total 995 40

View a selection of pictures in the Guatemala gallery.


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