Despite spending 22 days in Bolivia we didn’t manage to see as much as we would have liked to due to a few health problems and altitude sickness. As a consequence we have decided to return in the future. However, below you will find the places we did visit, where we stayed and how much we spent.

Places of interest we visited:

Accommodations we stayed in:

Here is a summary of where we stayed in Bolivia, how long for and a rating based on 3 key criteria for us; cleanliness of rooms/bathroom, location to amenities and value for money based on the town’s/city’s price range. All of our accommodations were on a private room basis and not dorms.

Note: One night was spent on the train to Villazon.

The ratings below are 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being fantastic:

Town Place Nights Cleanliness Location Value
Copacabana Hotel El Mirador 1 3 4 3
Coroico Hotel Bella Vista 3 4 3 2
La Paz Hotel Fuentes 2 4 4 3
Rurrenabaque Hotel Santa Ana 1 2 1 2
Hostel Pahuichi 13 3 4 3
Oruro Residencial Bonaventure 1 2.5 3 3.5

Breakdown of our costs in Bolivia:

We managed to leave Bolivia without going over our budget and in total we spent £1,061 for both of us. This includes accommodation, food – we actually only ate out instead of cooking, transport (including an internal flight) and attractions. For a full breakdown of our costs see below:

Note: Transport costs include return flight La Paz – Rurrenabaque, Attractions cost only consists of a 1 person visit of 4 days 3 nights in the Serere Reserve.

Type of Expense Total (GBP) Daily Ave. (GBP)
Accommodation 217 9
Food (inc eating out) 262 11
Transport 275 12
Attractions 234 10
Other (souvenirs, toiletries, etc) 72 3
Total 1,061 46

For images of our time there, view our Bolivia gallery page.


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