Galapagos Islands

As we had pre-booked flights we spent the designated 10 days in the Galapagos Islands. However, we did not do any cruises during this time, instead we decided to island hop to not only save money, but to also go at a more relaxed pace.

Below you will find the places we visited, where we stayed and how much we spent during our time in the Galapagos Islands.

Places of interest we visited:

Accommodations we stayed in:

Here is a summary of where we stayed in Galapagos, how long for and a rating based on 3 key criteria for us; cleanliness of rooms/bathroom, location to amenities and value for money based on the town’s/city’s price range. All of our accommodations were on a private room basis and not dorms.

The ratings below are 1 – 5, with 1 being awful and 5 being fantastic:

Town Place Nights Cleanliness Location Value
Puerto Ayora(Santa Cruz) Hotel Galapagos Dreams 6 5 3.5 4
House Residence 1 3 3 3
Puerto Villamil (Isabela) Posada del Caminante 3 3 4 5

Breakdown of our costs in Galapagos:

We came in under budget for the Galapagos Islands, partly because we bought our own food to cook, and in total we spent £1,479 for the both of us. This includes accommodation, food, transport, flights and attractions.

For a full breakdown of our costs see below:

Type of Expense Total (GBP) Daily Ave. (GBP)
Accommodation 211 19
Food (inc eating out) 117 11
Transport * 462 42
Attractions 640 58
Other (souvenirs, toiletries, etc) 49 4
Total 1,479 134

* Note: As we had accumulated enough points from previous flights we managed to get one free return flight for Guayaquil – Baltra.

View our dedicated page for a full breakdown of our budget and costs in Ecuador.

For photos, view our Galapagos Islands gallery page.


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